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Appropriate networking definition

How do I know when networking is appropriate and when it's inappropriate? 
Networking is never inappropriate, as long as you honor the event. For example, some events are clearly designed to meet and greet as many people as possible, exchange business cards and grow your network. Other events are much more low-key and inappropriate to try to push yourself or your business.

Relationship building is a core principle of networking and it does not mean constant selling of your products or services. The best way to build relationships is to help someone whenever possible. You can do that in almost any venue.

If you understand that networking is the process one uses to develop relationships and build one’s social capital, then it makes sense that you network everywhere, as long as you honor the spirit of the event.

If you're not sure, do two things first: 1) Observe what others are doing; and 2) Ask someone. 
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