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Better word choices

Are there proper phrase choices when communicating with clients? 
Proper use of appropriate phrasese can be the difference between encouraging your clients to do more business and pushing them away. Consider these examples and alternatives:

- "I'll try to make it to the meeting" implies no commitment. Replace it with: "I will be there at 8 a.m. and will call in case something comes up."

- "I can't do that" implies that other situations might be equally challenging. Replace it with: "Let me tell you what is possible."

- "I wonder if you would give me an answer?" is non-committal. Replace it with, "Which day can you give me an answer?"

- "I should have this done by sometime next week" also is non-committal and disrespectul of people's deadlines. Replace it with, "I will have this done by a week from tomorrow. How does that work for you?"

- "Well, to be honest..." This one really is just a filler that delays arriving at the point. Just leave it out and get to the point. 
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