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Defining your business

Why am I having trouble growing my business, even though I'm working hard? 
Working hard is important for success as a small business owner, but it's usually not enough. Especially in the 21st century, you also must work smart.

One thing that's often overlooked is making sure you define what you do, not only to your customers, but to yourself and your staff. A hundred years ago, the railroad industry almost went out of business thinking they were in the railroad business, instead of understanding that they were in the transportation business.

Since most everything we sell today is a commodity these days, 21st century small businesses must realize that our customers can get what we sell lots of other places, and often even cheaper than we sell it. What they come to us for is convenience, reliability, customization, expertise, and to do business with someone they know and trust and who knows them.

If your business is not growing, perhaps you need to focus your marketing plan around why you're really in business. 
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