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Doing business overseas

Where can we find information about "exclusive distribution" contracts before we establish one with a foreign manufacturer? 
You're entering a highly sophisticated environment which can become either the best thing that ever happened to you or the worst, depending on how you handle it. Here are two things to do:

1. Contact a law firm that specializes in international contracts and let them help you navigate this opportunity. These attorneys typically are not cheap, so get ready for sticker shock. You may actually need help negotiating your deal with the attorney who will then help you with your real deal.

2. Negotiate with your counterpart in the other company on the actual business points. Make sure all parties know what you want.

Don't let your law firm negotiate for you. After the contract is signed, the business people will have to execute the deal, not the attorneys. You hire attorneys to do what they know about: the law. You're the business person, so you do the business stuff. If you aren't a good negotiator, hire one of those, too. 
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