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Home-based business work hours

Should I set regular business hours for my home-based business? 
That depends on your business, your clients, and your personal situation. Some people like the flexibility of working whenever they want or need to work and the freedom to do other things when they want. Here are some rules of thumb:

- Client expectations. If your clients expect you to be in your office and available at certain times, like 9 am to 5 pm, for example, then your business depends on your meeting those expectations.
- Avoiding distractions. If specific hours will allow you to avoid distraction - like working during your children's school hours, or even before the family awakens or after they've gone to sleep - then setting business hours may be helpful for you.
- Avoiding overworking. If you've become a workaholic because you never seem to leave the office, set hours are recommended.
- Establishing a routine. Setting business hours early on may help you become used to the difference in working from your home versus commuting to a job.
- Helping others transition to home-based work. Setting work hours may also help others in your household get used to the idea of you working from home.

As time goes on and you get more comfortable and established in your home-based business, you will have a better sense of what hours you need to work and what hours are personal time. 
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