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Home-based marketing

What's the best way to market my home-based business? 
In some ways, marketing your home-based business is like marketing any business. In some ways, it's vastly different. Leveraging a home-based marketing plan isn't easy, because traditional advertising isn't typically part of the plan; the expense just too great for most home-based budgets.

Start by defining the perfect customer for your business - and determining how you'll reach that prospect. Remember that everyone isn't your prospect; determine who best fits your customer profile.

As for marketing itself, networking can be the most effective way to market a home-based business. However, it takes time to cultivate relationships that can turn into referrals. Successful networking is only for the patient.

Ultimately, networking, your website, electronic newsletter, the product you deliver and referrals you generate will be your most effective marketing tools. 
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