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Home-based medical claims service

Is there a good market for a home-based medical claims and billing service? 
There is definitely a market for this service; a quick online search of the term "home-based claims and billing" revealed more than 300,000 links - some indepedent services, some franchises.

The key reason for the apparent popularity: Doctors know about medicine, not about billing and records. And with the Internet and computers, the task can easily be done from home. So, if doctors can outsource this function to you, they can be more efficient and productive.

The real question is, can you convince customers to do business with you? Here are some steps to take:

1. Find doctors who are willing to pay an expert (you) to do something that's not their expertise.

2. Convince them that you have the ability, resources and trustworthiness to manage this very important element of their business.

3. Execute with the highest quality work and confidentiality.

Start as you would with any business: Network among peers and potential clients, build your reputation and become the reliable resource in the marketplace. 
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