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Home businesses to start

How do I know what kind of home-based business to start? 
First you must determine that you can legally operate a business from home in your locality, neighborhood, subdivision, etc. Some residential areas prohibit any kind of business activity and some identify specific types of businesses that are prohibited.

The next step is to identify what you have to offer potential customers that: 1) you can actually perform and deliver and 2) that you have a passion to do. Customers have many options these days and you must be able to differentiate yourself. You also must love what you do so much that you want to keep doing it even in the face of the ever-present challenges all small businesses have..

Finally, a home-based business involves your family, finances and lifestyle to a greater degree than a traditional venture. Be sure you've taken all of these areas into consideration.

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Development Center for more help and information. 
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