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Increasing retail sales

What are the most reliable and least expensive ways to increase retail sales? 
Surely there must be hundreds of ways to increase sales in your store. But here are 10 to focus on:

1. Contact your existing customers with a compelling offer.

2. Ask every customer for a referral.

3. Carry and pass out business cards.

4. Network within your community.

5. Send congratulations, etc., about special events going on in customers' lives.

6. Ask every customer at least two add-on questions. For example: What's your next project (event, etc.)?

7. Sell up by selling down. Take every customer to your best merchandise first, even though they may not indicate, or seem as if they're are a prospect for your most expensive merchandise. It's easier to come down than it is to go up.

8. Ask questions to get customers involved in looking at merchandise.

9. Sell based on the emotional reasons customers buy, not just the technical.

10. Turn over sales that you cannot complete to another salesperson and give them a chance to complete the sale. 
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