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Licensing inventions

What is the best way to get potential buyers or licensees for my inventions? 
The first place to look is in the industries your inventions were developed for.

To find manufacturers who may be interested in your products, look in the Thomas Register Directory of Manufacturers and Distributors. You can get market data from the Gale Encyclopedia of Associations, Columbia Books Association Directories, or the Leadership Association Directories.

Other directories that may list publications focused on your industry include:

- Bacon's Directory of Magazines

- Oxbridge Communications Directory of Periodicals

- Burrelle's/Luce Media Directories.

A good book on licensing entitled "Making the Licensing Decision" is available free from the Department of Energy ( Be sure to work with an intellectual property (or patent) attorney who can help you protect your idea with confidentiality agreements, registration, patent instruments, etc.

And remember: Never send your ideas unsolicited to a company. Find a contact and establish a relationship first. 
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