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Maximizing networking opportunities

How do I make the most out of opportunities to network at conferences and trade shows? 
Here are some ideas that should help you network successfully at conferences and trade shows:

- Mix it up. Plan to make new friends: Don’t associate only with friends during the event.
- Meet the competition: Take time to meet the other exhibitors and exchange cards.
- Let your voice be heard: Volunteer to speak at conference workshops.
- Be social: Don’t miss any mixers or other networking events.

View these events as the chance to take the first step down the long, profitable road of friendship and mutual benefit with a new word-of-mouth marketing partner. The most important element is that you approach this with a sense of wanting to learn as much as you can about the other people you’ll meet, instead of trying to tell them all about you. 
Brain Trust contributor: Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder and Chairman of BNI and author of many books, including Truth or Delusion?and Masters of Success
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