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Networking for referrals

How do I network to get business referrals? 
Getting referrals require at least three things to happen first:

1. You have to actually do work that makes you worthy of referral.
2. You have to let people know that referrals are an important marketing strategy for you.
3. You have to train your customers how to refer you.

Referrals are the most valuable of all marketing tools, but you can't count on them to happen automatically. After you've done a good job, thank customers in advance for letting their friends know about your good work.

Training is required because you can't expect customers to take the time or interest to be your salesperson. Give them a very short tag line or brand promise that they can easily remember and add to their recommendation, such as, "ABC Company did a good job for us. They've become more of a partner than a vendor." 
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