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Networking ROI tips

Are there any quick tips that will improve the return-on-investment (more business) for my networking effort? 
Here are seven sure-fire tactics that lead to a successful networking game plan. Don't discount how important these classic elements are to creating a fully functioning network.

1. Smile. A smile is a universal welcome sign that exudes warmth and lets the other person know you're approachable.

2. Look the person in the eye. This shows sincerity and makes a quick connection.

3. Listen. When networking with a new contact, let the person tell you their story first, so you can discover the "news you can use."

4. Body language. First impressions last ones. Monitor your posture and physical movement.

5. Don't be pushy. Don't appear too strong or desperate; people's instincts tell them when someone is "too hungry." Remember, we all want to be associated with winners.

6. Give genuine compliments. Honestly acknowledge people's achievements.

7. Treat people's business cards with respect. It's more than a name. It's a fine treasure. Note on their cards something to help you remember them for your follow up.

Start with one or two tips and work with them long enough to measure their effectiveness. 
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