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Networking success tips

How do I become a successful networker? 
Apply these tactics to become a top-notch networker:

1. Observe and respond to success around you. Read the newspaper. Listen to the news. When someone gets your attention, send them a note of kudos. Comment on how they inspired you. Mention that you would enjoy meeting them and sharing an idea of interest.

2. Small goals lead to big goals. At your next business meeting, set a goal to make two new contacts - and don't leave before you've met them. Then, follow up.

3. A thousand thanks. Thank you notes stand out by showing that you took the time craft a personal message.

4. Do your homework and be prepared. Before your next new business luncheon, research hot topics in the industry. People will appreciate your getting to know them and their profession.

5. Support and empower others. Reach out to people, lend advice and help anyone who asks.

6. Build solid foundations. Determine the best way to network with a new contact or group, then stick with it. For example, if a particular association has monthly meetings, commit to attending each one.

7. Perception is reality. Always make a good first impression and live up to it. 
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