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Overcoming limited management experience

How can I get investors interested in my new business even though I have limited management experience? 
Someone who has part of the solution (a new business or venture), but lacks a major component (management experience), should think alliance. Align yourself with someone who can help you run the business and market the product, leaving you, at least in the beginning, to be the creative and technical principal in your business.

This is not necessarily to recommend a partnership in the sense of forming a legal structure. But rather, modifying your dream of being the boss of your organization.

Investors will be impressed that you know what Inspector Harry Callahan meant in the Dirty Harry movies when he said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

Your great idea isn't going to count for much if you can't make investors believe in you. You have to ask yourself if you would rather feed your ego or your portfolio? 
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