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Referral quality definition

What are the different levels of quality for referrals? 
There are eight levels of behavior quality that a referral source can provide. Here they are, in ascending order:

1. Names and contact information from any source: Slightly better than a cold lead.

2. Authorization to use a referrer’s name: Indicates you’ve established good credibility.

3. General testimonial statement and/or letter of recommendation & introduction:
Demonstrates trust in you.

4. Introduction call: This takes the referral source participation up another notch and paves the way for an excellent introduction.

5. An outright recommendation of your business accompanied by a description of benefits.

6. Arranging a meeting indicating a deep trust in and approval of your business.

7. Face-to-face introduction and promotion: Your referral source is now actively engaged in selling your product or business.

8. Closed the deal: After your referral source has described the features and benefits of your product or business, he then closes the sale for you. The highest level of referral you can achieve. 
Brain Trust contributor: Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder and Chairman of BNI and author of many books, including Truth or Delusion?and Masters of Success
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