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Restaurant business plan

Is a restaurant business plan different from those in other industries? 
A restaurant is a business that has many similarities to all other businesses. But there are differences, and the first thing to do is identify the unique issues about starting and operating a restaurant.

It's true that the restaurant business is one of the riskiest. As a reader of that business plan, I'd want to know why, and what, your going to do to overcome the risk factors unique to restaurants.

Find out why most restaurants fail and why they succeed, and develop a plan that minimizes the former and maximizes the latter. What do the successful restaurants do that the failures didn't? What will you do to make your restaurant stand out?

You may not have access to their plans, but you can see their model in action every time you walk in the door. From supplies to square-footage to staffing, many restaurants' working model is an open door, so to speak.

It's called research. It's fundamental to a good business plan and mandatory for a restaurant. 
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