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Securing home office network

How can I secure every computer on my home office network? 
A home office network is only as secure as its weakest computer or user. If family members share a single broadband Internet connection via a router, and the computers are networked, then a virus introduced or downloaded to one could infect every computer. And if you run a business from one of those computers, the damage done could be significant and detrimental to the business.

To ensure the home network is reasonably secure:

- Install, run and regularyly update (daily) antivirus, firewall and spyware/adware software on EVERY computer on the network.

- Instruct all users, including kids and adults, not to download files or open emails from unknown sources or senders, and not to download files from peer-to-peer music or video sharing sites.

- Become the CTO. Corporations have Chief Technology Officers or IT Departments to oversee the computer network. Assuming your family or small business employees won't always adhere to your rules. Every week, check to make sure antivirus updates have been downloaded, and that the software is running in the background. 
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