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Starting an investment business

What advice to you have for starting an investment business for hard assets, like real estate? 
In the investment business, the importance of experience cannot be underestimated.

Having an "investment company" sounds exciting, but having a successful investment company -- especially in real estate -- takes lots of experience, hard work, and capital.

If you're willing to work hard, what about experience? Experience takes time, so start out slow, so when you make the inevitable mistakes, they won't be too expensive. Even if you work hard and gather experience, most real estate investment involves some form of debt. Can you borrow the money needed to invest? Do you know how? And do you know the dangers of too much leverage?

And think about the question you're asking. When you say, "hard assets like real estate." you really mean "income producing assets." This is the definition of investment real estate, with the exception of raw land. 
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