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Using events for referrals

Will sponsoring an event help me get more business referrals? 
Yes, sponsoring, or setting up an event is an excellent way to stimulate more referrals and build relationships with people with whom you would otherwise have difficulty connecting with. Two primary examples are:

- Strategic Alliance Events: A strategic alliance event brings people together who’ll be able to create a symbiotic relationship with one another. The result is great visibility, which leads to credibility and, eventually, more business for your company. One proven example: Coordinate a foursome of golf between several business contacts you have that you know would be able to cross-refer one another. Repeat as often as practical.

- Referral Recognition Events: When you have a pool of people who are already referring you regularly, do something special for them quarterly or annually. Recognition events such as an outing or wine tasting trips will develop a reputation for you with your customers and they often eventually begin to try to out-refer one another just to take part in the event or gain higher prominence for their efforts. 
Brain Trust contributor: Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder and Chairman of BNI and author of many books, including Truth or Delusion?and Masters of Success
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