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Many executives and managers want to create and then dominate new markets. Creating and Dominating New Markets shows managers, executives, and business owners how to emulate the remarkable success of savvy market creators such as Microsoft, FedEx, and AOL. The rewards include unmatched brand awareness, the luxurious financial position of having no competition, and the exhilaration of building something completely new. Packed with instructive examples and entertaining stories, the book teaches readers new skills -- or helps them re-tool old skills -- for jumping ahead of the competition and building an exciting, profitable venture. 
Can a business accelerate in size and scope without speeding out of control? It's a critical question these days as organizations grapple with fast-breaking opportunities and commensurate growing pains. This book provides a proven game plan for sane, sustainable growth. Aimed at independent businesses and high-growth corporate divisions alike, Warp-Speed Growth shows how to focus on the resources that make or break fast growth -- time, people, and money. It explains how managers can invest these limited resources in targeted ways to build new markets and exploit new technologies. Rich in ready-to-use tools and reference charts, the book pays special attention to the urgent issue of finding and retaining good employees in a tight labor market. A unique index of challenges allows readers to search for solutions according to the range of real-life problems faced by fast-growth companies. 

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