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Interviews conducted by Jim Blasingame on his radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show, with experts on your topic.

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Recommended Books

Each day, more and more eBay sellers become increasingly serious about their entrepreneurial efforts. Whether they see their eBay business as a modest addition to their revenue or a potentially full-time venture, they need expert advice on how to do it right. In The eBay Business Answer Book, popular eBay University instructor Cliff Ennico provides readers with much-needed guidance in response to their most commonly asked questions. 
Anyone running a wholesale or retail business must deal with legal and tax issues, and those who sell on eBay are no exception. Yet many eBay sellers remain ignorant of the consequences they may face if they disregard certain basic rules. Packed with stories of actual eBay sellers, this helpful guide takes readers through the most common eBay transactions, pointing out all the legal and tax issues they may encounter along the way. 

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